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Soft Pure Water Systems

Our Different Approach
Simply brilliant, brilliantly simple.

Our water experts put their very best thinking into engineering smarter products to bring families like yours the very best water. That's why millions of people around the world look to Kinetico for water treatment solutions

Our Products

·  Unmatched Performance
Our systems treat water more efficiently, effectively and economically without spikes in contaminant removal or performance.

·  Non-Electric
Our systems are powered by the force of moving water and not electricity for a patented "unplugged" approach to softening your water.

·  Tailored to You
We take the guesswork out of water treatment. Your local Kinetico water professional will analyze your water and suggest options that fit your needs.

·  Uncompromised
Our systems use less energy, create less waste and last a long time, eliminating frequent replacement. They're good for you, your home, the environment and your wallet.

Kinetico Home Water Systems

No matter your water problem or budget, Kinetico has answers for you. In fact, we’re so sure that we offer the most reliable, effective and efficient non-electric water softenerssaltless water systems, drinking water systems and filters available, we encourage you to compare us to other water treatment companies and options.

We also encourage you to reach out to your local Kinetico water professional. They will conduct a free, thorough
water test so you can fully understand the water issues in your home. Then they will recommend answers tailored to your family, your home and your budget.

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